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This guide provides information and links on literature.
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General Collection

Call # Title
822.33 z-weim Shakespeare and the power of performance : stage and page in the Elizabethan theatre
942.055 Vo 4, s Voices of Shakespeare's England : contemporary accounts of Elizabethan daily life
780.942 Ne 4, o An outward show : music for Shakespeare on the London stage, 1660-1830
792.0942 Ke 7, a The age of Shakespeare
940.232 Sm 4, h The Horizon book of the Elizabethan world
822.33 z-kem Women in the age of Shakespeare
822.309 Wi 5, m Making make-believe real : politics as theater in Shakespeare's time
822.309 Ca 5, c The Cambridge companion to English Renaissance drama
792.0941 Or 3, i The illusion of power : political theater in the English Renaissance
820.9352 Ha 7, v Ventriloquized voices : feminist theory and English Renaissance texts
820.99287 Wa 5, w Women writers of the English renaissance
822.309 Ne 8, f Fashioning femininity and English Renaissance drama
822.309 Ju 74, w Justice, women, and power in English Renaissance drama
792.025 Ca 5 Scenes and machines on the English stage during the Renaissance; a classical revival.
780.9 Re 3, mu, rev Music in the Renaissance
840.9 Gr 3, r Renaissance self-fashioning : from More to Shakespeare
820.9358 Kn 2, sh Shakespeare's tribe : church, nation, and theater in Renaissance England
945.05 Ma 7 sociology of the Renaissance.
792.025094 Br 6, m Making the scene : a history of stage design and technology in Europe and the United States
792.026 Ca 7, c Costumes and settings for historical plays
720.92 Br 8, sa Filippo Brunelleschi : the buildings
792.025 We 5, 2d ed Theatrical set design : the basic techniques
792.92 Co 7 The mask of reality; an approach to design for theatre.
792.025 Pe 2, de Designing and drawing for the theatre
792.015 AL 26, o The alchemy of theatre : the divine science : essays on theatre & the art of collaboration
792.025 Gi 55, t, 3rd ed Theatrical design and production : an introduction to scene design and construction, lighting, sound, costume, and makeup
792.025 Be 5, s Scene design, stage lighting, sound, costume & makeup : a scenographic approach
792.0942 Ho The Globe restored; a study of the Elizabethan theatre.
792.0942 Sh 2, g Shakespeare's Globe rebuilt
792.09421 Ro 6, L London theatre : from the Globe to the National
792 Ad The Globe playhouse: its design and equipment,
792.0942 Ho 7 Shakespeare's wooden O.
822.33 As, g Shakespeare's As you like it : as arranged for the stage of the Globe Theatre at the Century of Progress, Chicago
792.09421 Be 77, s Shakespeare's playhouses
822.33 z-spe, s Shakespeare on the stage
792.0942 Gr 6, b The best actors in the world : Shakespeare and his acting company
822.33 comp, to A companion to Shakespeare and performance
391.003 Le 87, c The complete costume dictionary
391.00941 As 4, a The art of dress : clothes and society, 1500-1914
646.478 In 3, c, 3rd ed The costume technician's handbook
792.027 Sm 4, t The theatre crafts book of make-up, masks, and wigs.
792.027 Ba 9, m Makeup for theatre, film & television : a step by step photographic guide
822.33 Ro 7, m The masks of Hamlet
792.027 Te 7, m Makeup and masks
720.942 Gi 7, e Elizabethan architecture : its rise and fall, 1540-1640
391.0094 Jo 5, r Renaissance clothing and the materials of memory
306.4848 Ba 9, t Theatre, community, and civic engagement in Jacobean London
792.0942 EL 4, d Elizabethan-Jacobean drama : the theatre in its time
828.308 Sh 2, e Shakespeare's England : life in Elizabethan & Jacobean times
822.33 z-mcgu Shakespeare : the Jacobean plays
780.942 Ne 4, o An outward show : music for Shakespeare on the London stage, 1660-1830
792.95 Da 8, g A guide to scenes & monologues from Shakespeare and his contemporaries
792.09421 In 68, s Inside Shakespeare : essays on the Blackfriars stage
822.30937 Me 2, r Renaissance magic and the return of the Golden Age : the occult tradition and Marlowe, Jonson, and Shakespeare
814.54 Da 8, ha Happy alchemy : on the pleasures of music and the theatre
822.33 z-bri Shakespeare and the dance
822.33 z-park Shakespeare and the question of theory
822.33 z-pap Shakespeare alive!
792.09421 Di 5, t Theatre, court and city, 1595-1610 : drama and social space in London
822.35 z-fi Court and country politics in the plays of Beaumont and Fletcher
391.5 Co 7 Fashions in hair; the first five thousand years.
792.094 Wi 4, p Princes to act : royal audience and royal performance, 1578-1792
792.0942 As 7, e English court theatre, 1558-1642
780.9 Re 3, mu, rev Music in the Renaissance
780.9031 On 3, m Music of the renaissance
780.71 Mu 73, e Music education in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance
700.105 Sc 4, a Science and the arts in the Renaissance
759.5 Le 6, ca The science of Leonardo : inside the mind of the great genius of the Renaissance
355.02094 Ha 5, w Weapons and warfare in renaissance Europe : gunpowder, technology, and tactics
540.112 Mo 7, d Distilling knowledge : alchemy, chemistry, and the scientific revolution
610.9 Go 7, m Medieval and Renaissance medicine
509 Os 4, 2nd ser., v.6 Renaissance medical learning : evolution of a tradition
A cultural history of sexuality in the renaissance
942.054 Ma 7, Lo Mary Tudor : a life
942.055 EL 4, wei The life of Elizabeth I
822.33 Ro 5 Classical mythology in Shakespeare.
822.33 z-sok Shakespeare, law, and marriage
792.95 Ke 5, L Looking at Shakespeare : a visual history of twentieth-century performance
822.309 Ca 7, th Theatre and humanism : English drama in the sixteenth century
822.32 p Christopher Marlowe
822.32 z-wils Christopher Marlowe
822.32 z-ri The world of Christopher Marlowe
822.32 z-che The Cambridge companion to Christopher Marlowe
822.309 Tw 6, re Two Renaissance mythmakers, Christopher Marlowe and Ben Jonson
822.32 z-Ko Christopher Marlowe: a study of his thought, learning, and character.
822.32 z-coL Christopher Marlowe and the renaissance of tragedy
822.32 z-gran Christopher Marlowe and English renaissance culture
822.32 z-bar Spectacles of strangeness : imperialism, alienation, and Marlowe
822.309 Ya 2, s Stage-wrights : Shakespeare, Jonson, Middleton, and the making of theatrical value
822.3 Ne The chief Elizabethan dramatists, excluding Shakespeare, selected plays by Lyly, Peele, Greene, Marlowe, Kyd, Chapman, Jonson, Dekker, Marston, Heywood, Beaumont, Fletcher, Webster, Middleton, Messinger, Ford, Shirley.
820.93554 Li 77, p Literature, politics, and law in Renaissance England
822.34 z-san Refashioning Ben Jonson : gender, politics, and the Jonsonian canon
822.3 De 4, z-p Thomas Dekker,
822.309 Pa 77 A short view of Elizabethan drama, together with some account of its principal playwrights and the conditions under which it was produced
823.09 Ba 67, d Deciphering Elizabethan fiction
822.09 Ho Outlines of Tudor and Stuart plays, 1497-1642

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